Premier Paralegal Firm is a team of senior-level paralegals providing on-demand paralegal services to solo practitioners, in-house legal departments, small law firms and Pro Se Litigants. Whether you need help on a specific project or on-going assistance, Premier Paralegal Firm can provide you with experienced paralegals at an affordable rate allowing you to control costs and increase revenues, while securing the competitive advantage of accessing senior level paralegal assistance.

Even the American Bar Association has recognized the value of utilization of virtual paralegal services in its article Outsourcing Legal Support Services, February 2010.

Law firms of every size face increasing client pressure to build greater value and efficiency into the legal services cost structure. One result is the growing popularity of administrative service outsourcing. The principle of outsourcing is fundamental: Do what you do best—practice law—and let others do what they do best, most efficiently and at least cost to both you and the client.

Outsourcing is familiar to law firms, which for years have hired outsiders to handle mailroom and records-management functions. The more recent and dramatic direction of outsourcing is the use of Internet technology to connect firms with the growing pool of highly educated and talented paralegals.

Virtual paralegals specialists work offsite and online, creating work product to the firm’s specifications and tailored to its practice. As an independent business owner, the virtual paralegal is neither employee nor subordinate. Virtual paralegals resemble an accountant or any other business consultant with whom the lawyer has an ongoing, collaborative relationship. They become familiar with your practice and attuned to your business needs as much as any service provider engaged for a substantial length of time.

• A virtual paralegal still works under the direction of an attorney.
• A virtual paralegal works from a remote location, on a contract basis rather than as an employee. Saving the solo practitioner and small law firms thousands of dollars in overhead and taxes.
• A virtual paralegal enables solo practitioners and small law firms to take advantage of the economy that effective use of a paralegal can provide to a practice, on an as needed basis.

How does Hiring Premier Paralegal Firm benefit a new attorney who is currently operating as a solo practitioner?

For those attorneys who are branching out on their own, the time and cost involved in recruiting and then training a full time employee can take away from your efforts to grow your firm. The stress involved in making sure your employee arrives on time and perform the tasks needed can also be time consuming and costly. Full time salaries require you, the employer, to pay taxes on that salary, health benefits, unemployment insurance and workers compensation. All of these issues can strip a new firm of precious resources.

By hiring Premier Paralegal Firm you increase your firm’s productivity and potential revenue by concentrating your time on obtaining clients and increasing your billable hours.

• Save thousands of dollars in employment costs, while conserving your valuable in-house resources.
• Efficient case management.
• Increase your revenue through more billable attorney and paralegal hours.
• Allowing you to concentrate more on the practice of law and serving your clients more efficiently.
• Avoid adding personnel or incurring temporary agency fees or overtime pay.

Premier Paralegal Firm can customize a plan that will fit any budget or project.

• Competitive hourly rate.
• Competitive flat fee rate.
• Combination of hourly and flat fee rate.
• Up to 25% discount for ongoing weekly clients – annual commitment.
• Up to 10% discount for ongoing monthly clients – minimum of 3 month commitment.
• By project and monthly invoicing.

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