Premier Paralegal Firm can help you streamline your practice by utilizing our paralegal services virtually, you will be able to grow your firm and practice by improving client satisfaction, increase your revenues and save on your overhead.

Premier Paralegal Firm Services:

Divorce and Legal Separations (with and without children)

• Child custody and visitation
• Parenting Plan
• Residential Schedule
• Worksheets
• Financial Declarations
• Child Support Order
• Discovery
• Mediation and /or Settlement preparation
• Trial reparation
• Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law
• Final Decree
• Docketing (including docket report)

Support Modification

• Petition for Support Modification
• Residential Schedule
• Financial Declarations
• Worksheets
• Child Support Order
• Docketing (including docket report

Petition for Relocation

• Notice of Intent to Relocate
• Modification of Parenting Plan
• Modification of Child Support
• Final Parenting Plan and Child Support Order
• Docketing (including docket report)

Objection to Petition for Relocation

• Answer and Objection to Intent to Relocate
• Financial Declaration
• Worksheets
• Proposed and Final Parenting Plan and Child Support Order
• Docketing (including docket report)

By hiring Premier Paralegal Firm you increase your firm’s productivity and potential revenue by concentrating your time on obtaining clients and increasing your billable hours.

• Save thousands of dollars in employment costs, while conserving your valuable in-house resources.
• Efficient case management.
• Increase your revenue through more billable attorney and paralegal hours.
• Allowing you to concentrate more on the practice of law and serving your clients more efficiently.
• Avoid adding personnel or incurring temporary agency fees or overtime pay.

Premier Paralegal Firm can customize a plan that will fit any budget or project.

• Competitive hourly rate.
• Competitive flat fee rate.
• Combination of hourly and flat fee rate.
• Up to 25% discount for ongoing weekly clients – annual commitment.
• Up to 10% discount for ongoing monthly clients – minimum of 3 month commitment.
• By project and monthly invoicing.

If you do not see a service you are looking for, call me at (360) 931-0863, and we can discuss how Premier Paralegal Firm can assist you.