At Premier Paralegal Firm we aim to provide a high standard of quality service, while offering our clients greater value by providing document preparation of their family law documents at a significant savings.  We are dedicated to developing long-term client relationships, based on hard work, trust and solid results. Because of advances in technology and resources, we are able to provide alternative  document preparation services to Washington residents. No need for an office appointment, we can arrange to meet with you by video conferencing or conference call, at a time that is convenient for you.

Premier Paralegal Firm distinguishes itself from other paralegal services through superior work quality and highly trained and sophisticated paralegal. We’ve made a solid commitment to maintaining confidentiality, high ethical standards, and work product excellence in our community. Unlike other paralegal service providers, we’re located right here in Vancouver, Washington, we focus on the latest mandatory pro forma form updates and Washington State laws. We offer clients more than 24 years of experience, and they feel confident knowing that their critically important case preparation and legal document filing has been performed by Washington’s very best paralegals.

The Premier Paralegal Firm are not attorneys nor or we LLLT and therefore unable to give you legal advice.

We are able to assist with the preparation of your divorce or legal separation. If you have legal questions you should consult an attorney.  We are happy to assist you with a referral to an attorney in your area.

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