A hostile divorce is damaging to families, children and bank accounts. If a divorcing couple can reach an agreement, and resolve their issues amicably, they not only save themselves, but also save their children the emotional trauma of a hostile, contested divorce.

Divorces will drain you financially you always end up with less in a divorce than you started with. So why add a huge legal expense on top of that. Why not save what money you have left after the divorce for yourself or your children?

Premier Paralegal Firm is Washington’s Legal Alternative, for anyone who wants to end their marriage peacefully and amicably, and save money, time and frustration. We are uniquely different from other companies who sell divorce kits on-line. We provide our clients with personal attention, including the preparation and filing of your paperwork with the Court.

So if you find yourself in an uncontested or (amicable divorce) and want to represent yourself, then give us a call and let us show you how we can save you frustration, time and thousands of dollars.